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-solved-an odd issue with Aterm on Arch

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well, i just just dont get it really, maybe you will.

been using Aterm for ages, really, and suddenly after i installed arch+E17, i see to my surprise that aterm doesnt accept any command line arguments to start it.

that is, i cannot configure colors, fonts, or transperacy on it' even though im using the same options i have for years....

its not E17's issue, that much i know, been tested and worked on a gentoo+E17.

anyone have any idea?

arguments are

aterm -title 'Arch terminal' -tr -shading 45 -fade 60

nothing too complicated, i dont see any reason why it shouldnt work.

sorry for the english, didnt add hebrew here yet, but i can read reply at whatever language you want

EDIT:solved. somehow Esetroot didnt register the background till after i re-logged in and tried again. odd indeed.

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