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Firmware Update :v1.04 for Plextor PX-W2410A/TU

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Added support for Taiyo Yuden 40X and Verbatim 40X media.

Added support for Orange Book part 2 volume 2 version 1.1.

Fixed a bug where the drive may hang if burnproof occurred during the writing of the lead-out.

Fixed a bug where there may be a comparison error when creating a VideoCD.

Fixed a bug where the drive was not recognized when attached to a Workbit ATA-1394/USB1.1 bridge board.

Fixed a bug where the drive may hang when scanning a mixed mode CD with CD Creator

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Here you will find the latest problems for Plextor CDR-W and CD-Rom drives. If you have any problems please sent them over!

Note: These problems are reported by users. Therefore we don't take any responsibility if something that posted here is not accurate.

Known Problems:

All (including latest PX-124TS) Plextor CDR-W drives have problem when reading the overburned part of an overburned CD.

Plextor PX-820Ti

v1.07 Problems:

"..i just updated my writer with the 1.07 firmware, now i get troubles when writing VCD disks under nero, 99% though my Cds i get "current session not fixated for append" and then the burn process failed. Note that it writes ordinary Cds ok, well it writes images ok. Also when installing the upgrade i got a message saying update successful. But when i pressed ok i got a blue screen with vxd errors.."

"..I have just flashed my 8/20 with the new 1.07 firmware, and it's causing a nightmare. 1.06 works fine, but 1.07 causes coasters after mid-disk.."

And below is the answer from Plextor Support: "..Dear Sir, You can better downgrade the firmware version. There can be some problems with the latest firmware version.." - Plextor support

Plextor PX-8220

v1.04 Problems: "..I found a bug with new firmware v1.4 for Plextor 8/2/20. Over burning impossible. Tried Tomb Raider III (76.14min) with TDK Reflex 74 media. With firmware v1.3 had no problems.."


We got several emails that there isn't any overburn problem with v1.04. We don't have the drive in order to test it. Keep sending your info!

"..I've experienced some problems with firmware 1.04 for my Plextor 8/2/20 burner. Immediately after I upgraded the firmware, I tried to use Clone CD version 2,0,5,5. The program didn't even want to Read the CD to an Image, which worked perfectly fine before the upgrade. Next I tried to copy a cd with Easy CD Creator 4. It seemed to work fine at first, but while writing an image to my harddrive, it terminated in the middle of the last track. It said something about that it couldn't find any more track data, and that the cd was probably finished(!?). I even tried Easy CD Creator 4 under Windows2000, but while reading the first blocks on a cd, it terminated, again! I've updated my firmware to 1.03 now, and I'm about to try burning a new cd. By the way, I've burned a lot of CD's before I upgraded to firmware 1.04,and I've never failed burning a cd even once!.."

Other known problems:

- CD-Text:

"..I have a home cd player of Sony (CDP-XE 510) with the abbility of displaying CD-Text, i have several cd's with that future, like some Mariah Carey and the latest of Lauryn Hill cd, i copied all the images (wav) to my hdd and gave the numbers, names and titles (looks like this : Track 01.wav = Intro) done by Nero 4.06.5 and Feurio 2.29 i've wrote 16 tracks on a cdr, with titles of the original cd, but when i wanted to play my new made cd he didn't displayed the titles, i've checked the CD-Text options in the menu, so i didn't do anything wrong, i experimented some more and found out that it looks like a maximum of characters in the burning process, when i wrote 12 (or less) tracks everything works fine, this problem is known by Feurio cause when i wanted to make a cd a alert box was displayed with the message that Plextor writers sometimes have trouble to make cd-text cdr's in combination with Sony (home) cd players, when i look at the proportions of the cd (within Nero) everything look ok, every song is writin succesfully (Name and Title are shown) But the combination with the home cd player is not yet solved, Feurio suggest Plextor would make a Fix in the new firmware, i hope you'll do, cause this is a very strong future, and i really like the idea to make cd's with that future, now it isn't possible cause the limitation of character (i guess) Hopefully you can help me to sort this out...

Plextor PX-124TS

- CD-Text (?):

There were some rumors that Plextor PX-124TS have problems with CD-Text. However we got many reports that CD-Text works ok with many cd players:

- Home Players Tested:

Sony CDP-XB720

Sony CDP-XE520

Sony RXD5

- Car Stereo:

Sony CDX-780 and CDX-815 Changer

Kenwood with CD Changer

JVC SX-959 car CD player

Plextor PX-40TS (Firmware revision v1.1x)

- CD-Text

"..I have noticed a problem the Plextor PX-40TS (firmware revision v1.10) with CD-Text and mode 2 data tracks, With CD-Text the names of the the track where mixed up i tried it on 5+ audio cd's, I've use the update for the reader (v1.11) still have problem with mode 2 data tracks and CDtext.."



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