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  1. Hello, In the company I work for,we want to convert the software from the Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10 (the software was written in 2002). The client side is developed in VB6 and the server side in c ++. The first option is to switch to the VisualStudio2019 environment and the client will be developed in and the server will remain in c ++ (I would also love to hear a bit about communication between them from people with experience as it is now 2 different environments). Second option to switch to JAVA on both sides. Regarding the first option, I tested a bit in the market about a course at VB.NET and saw that the language is not so much sought after and as a programmer I might prefer to move the project to a slightly more advanced environment with respect to the market, The database we are currently working on is object oriented and belongs to POET (also very old). I would love to recommend a more advanced object-oriented DATA BASE. Thank you very much.
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