Chick out the new poultry technology

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If you were dreaming for years and years of starting your very own poultry farm, we have a wonderful surprise for you. You don`t need a lot of money to get the most efficient and advanced equipment. It is all about the quality of what you need, not the quantity. New technologies these days allows many people to raise broilers in the most convenient way possible. 

You have to remember that raising broilers is not such an easy task. This is exactly why you`ll need the best tools and advanced farming equipment there is. Poultry farming equipment these days includes many things, including climate controllers, C02 sensors, lighting systems, weighing equipment, alarm systems, feeding systems and an egg counter.

קבלו עדכונים לפני כולם בטלגרםקבלו מאיתנו עדכונים לפני כולם - בטלגרםהצטרפו כבר עכשיו לערוץ הטלגרם של הזון

Clear air is crucial

We all know the benefits of clear air, so that there is no surprise to the discovery that the growing birds are also in need for fresh air. The best way to make sure that the birds stay in good health is to make sure that you have the best house ventilation there is. The ventilation system carries out toxic gases and provides fresh oxygen to the room, which is a necessity for the broilers.

It`s all about the food

Domestic birds, unlike their ancestors, are unable to find food by themselves. So arises the need to find the right mechanism that allows the farmer to feed the birds every day in the most efficient way. Feed scale is one of the best feeding mechanisms that allows you to deliver the right amount of food to the chicks due to an electronic feeding system.

Taking care of your business

AgroLogic LTD was founded in 1988 and leads in design and development of electronic control units for the poultry and pig raising. The company`s vast knowledge in the field is able to help growers all around the world with every aspect of production. Remember, if you want your business to grow and develop, you must perches the needed equipment from the right company, making sure that it provides quality tools, so you can keep the broilers healthy and well fed.

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