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Office XP – ביקורות

שתי ביקורות גדולות למדיי על ערכת התוכנות למשרד של מיקרוסופט, Office XP, התפרסמו באתרים Source Magazine ו-Ars Technica.

"I wanted to see what the boys at Microsoft had come up with this time. I was hoping for a killer app that would make me embrace Office XP for whatever reason. All I got out of it was an intense desire to kill myself. That wasn't necessarily Microsoft's fault–reviewing office software is really boring. Be that as it may, word processing and data maintenance, manipulation and presentation are just as important as the services companies provide and the products they sell. Even though older systems may continue to work just fine, they need to be evaluated and compared."

לביקורת ב-Source Magazine
לביקורת ב-Ars Technica


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